Süleyman DOĞAN



I have been using computers since 1995 and have been dealing with software since 1998. I speak English in advanced. I have the very effective knowledge, skills, and experiences in computer software and hardware. I have made more than a hundred commercial program on the market.

Software languages and their derivatives that I use effectively;

  •     VB.NET (The most preferred software language)
  •     T-Sql (Mssql is my choice)
  •     ASP
  •     PHP
  •     HTML
  •     CSS
  •     C #
  •     C ++
  •     MSDOS
  •     VBScript
  •     Javascript
  •     Python
  •     VB6

Sub-applications and skills (For a better understanding of the class please see the "References" section):

  •     Database Query Expertise (Bigdata management, Query performance configurations)
  •     Mssql (All features)
  •     Mysql (All features)
  •     Full-featured database creation, management, statistics, and analysis.
  •     Windows server administration (Complete)
  •     Server & Client Network applications, security, performance studies, traffic and encryption controls.
  •     Devexpress (All features)
  •     jQuery
  •     Xamarin (for Android and IOS applications)
  •     ASP.NET
  •     Json (Data transfer or storage operations)
  •     XML (for data transfer, analysis)
  •     SOAP (Web service connections)

About me;